Terrible food. I ordered the Steak Frites for lunch and the meat that came out on my plate looked and tasted like the chef simply boiled it in water. Here is the menu description: grilled 6-oz. flat iron steak, hazelnut gremolata, red wine demi-glace, seasoned arugula -- none of that describes the steak on my plate -- zero seasoning, no gremolata, no demi-glace sauce, nothing but bland and bare meat. Delightful staff, wonderful ambiance, fantastic view, and sadly the blandest food I've ever tasted.






















We are here on vacation, 3000 miles from home, and my mother became sick. Being that we're staying close, I called to get info on their soup of the day. The phone rang forever (fine, you're busy) and when someone picked up, she didn't know what the soup of the day was (also, fine, I'll hold as you find out). After getting that information, I tried to ask a follow up question and was abruptly told "I've gotta go" and was hung up on.

Are you kidding me? You're not a medical facility seeing emergencies. You're not a daycare worried about toddlers sticking things in their mouths if left unsupervised.

We are ALL short staffed, so please don't use that as an excuse either. There is no excuse for the rude behavior for a less than two minute phone call (would have been less than that if she had known the soup of the day).

Thank you for making a terrible situation worse with your absolute lack of compassion and human decency.

I wouldn't step foot in this facility if the food were free at this point.

I would give zero stars if I could. We walked in and the host seemed frazzled that we had 5 people for brunch. We got a table and from there it just went down hill. We were rushed to order as soon as the rest of the party showed up. Ordering food was an ordeal for the waitress apparently as she would just not listen to what we were saying. No salad, add potatoes. Simple. When it came for the check, we weren't given but more than .22978 seconds to ask if we could split the bill. J---  then dropped the check on the table and said fight over it. Food was straight trash. Drinks were trash (who messes up a mimosa lol). Service was the biggest, stinkiest pile of trash. When J---- saw that we didn't tip, she wanted to argue that she didn't have an attitude problem and would NOT give me the bill. Avoid this place that doesn't seem to understand how a restaurant is ran. You're better off getting hot delicious food at the Portway Tavern.